Omega Africa IT Solutions is a privately owned B.E.E South African company and is a direct importer and exporter of computer peripherals to both South Africa and Sub-Saharan African Countries. Omega Africa has established itself in the computer-industry since 1996 through its core values–providing a constant supply of quality products, service excellence, and competitive pricing. Through Partnerships with leading international brands, Omega Africa is able to provide superior products to Africa, in terms of performance, durability
and cutting-edge technology.
Omega Africa IT Solutions is dedicated to employment equity and the empowerment of all people in Sub Saharan Africa. It was recognised by the South African National Accreditation System as a Level 1 B.E.E status company. The company is also dedicated to providing the highest quality products to its valued customers – Omega Africa is an Intel platinum member and an officiall Seagate system integrator for Africa. All technical divisions have been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 2004 certified and all key components used during manufacture and repairs have been SABS and Icasa tested and approved.
Omega Africa IT Solutions consists of employees across Southern Africa. The company has numerous partners in the SADEC region with offices in Western, Eastern and Central Africa. The Head offices is situated in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the other South African branches are located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and PE.
Omega Africa IT Solutions meets the needs of all IT user types from small businesses to Government users. The following chart depicts the foundation of our customer base:

Omega Africa IT Solutions is also a system integrator, assembling its Lestech PC brand for the Africa market. The Lestech Desktop PC brand has been growing steadily over the last decade and uses the latest technological innovations from it vendors, such as Intel, Seagate, Pioneer, Foxconn etc, to give the end user the ultimate performance and reliability needed for the African environment. All Desktop PC’s carry an on-site warranty.

Lestech Rackmount and Servers are powered by the latest technology from Intel and Foxconn to ensure optimal power and performance for our brand. When you need a customised highpowered and reliable server rugged enough to meet the challenges of doing business in Africa , choose Lestech customised Blade, Rack and Tower Servers.

The Lestech Tablet range is the latest product range to be launched and gives the end user the comfort of ecient and eective yet mobile computing. Assembled in Africa, these tablets oer both the latest Android and Windows software solutions with built in 3G options.

Omega Africa IT Solutions has secured partnerships with a number of prestigious international brands to compliment the Lestech PC range, and to provide a comprehensive selection of computer peripherals to meet the needs of it’s entire clientele base.
Omega Africa IT Solutions maintains that its most important resource lies in its group of valued employees who respond positively to recognition, involvement and opportunities for personal and career development. Omega Africa IT Solution’s positive, incentive-based work ethic has earned them a support sta that are dedicated to providing maximum quality and customer satisfaction.

The directors and country managers are always approachable at all times with regard to customer queries and items in general.

In addition, a user-friendly call centre for technical support operates nationally for dealer support and sales. Our website provides detailed product descriptions, directs you to your nearest branch, and highlights latest product releases. Both our website and email Service alert customers to special oer and one-time deals.

Omega Africa IT Solutions has a highly ecient manufacture, storage, delivery, and transport system, designed to be as speedy and accurate as possible.We oer a comprehensive 22-24 hour delivery service Within
all our regions. We also offer an advanced warranty replacement policy for all defective items.
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